What is the NPS performance in July 2022?

The National Pension System, also known as NPS, is a government-sponsored retirement savings scheme introduced in 2004. It is a Defined Contribution scheme, which means that the benefits you receive at retirement will depend on the contributions made and the investment returns earned during the accumulation phase. NPS offers two investment options: equity and debt. Equity funds invest in stocks, while debt funds invest in bonds. The NPS scheme is open to all Indian citizens between 18 and 60 years of age. At retirement, NPS account holders can choose to receive a lump sum or an annuity (regular income). NPS is a voluntary scheme, which means that you are not required to contribute to it if you do not wish to do so. NPS account holders can contribute as little or as much as they want, subject to a minimum contribution of Rs 6,000 per year. NPS is a long-term investment product and should be viewed as such. Exit from the NPS before age 60 is not allowed except in certain circumstances such as serious illness or death. Below is the detailed NPS performance for July 2022. Data is from the NPS Trust website and dated 15.Jul.2022.

With the below table you will be answer the questions – Which is the best NPS fund manager? What is the expected rate of return in NPS? Take a look.

NPS performance

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