How to calculate the amount to invest in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

Are you are thinking of investing in a mutual fund using the systematic investment plan route, commonly called as SIP? How can you calculate the monthly amount that you need to invest in order to meet a particular financial goal? For example, if you want to fund your next overseas vacation (costing Rs. 5 lakhs … Read more

A tool to calculate the impact on returns if you choose a direct plan over a normal plan of mutual funds

There are two ways to invest in a mutual fund: invest with the fund house directly (using direct plans) or investing through an advisor, broker or distributor (using normal plans). The expense ratio of normal plans is higher than that of a direct plan since you go through an intermediary who is paid a commission … Read more

Save lakhs on your home loan by prepaying (and calculator to see what you can save)

There is a perpetual dilemma with those servicing a home loan; whether to prepay or not. I was once in the same category. So I have created an excel calculator to show the impact that prepayment can have on:  savings on the interest payment and the income tax deductions. The file has 3 main sections: … Read more