Your Aadhaar card will play a very important role in the future of digital payments – here’s why

Aadhaar is a proof of identity provided by the Government of India. It is not a proof of citizenship. After due information provided at specified centers a Unique number (UID) is provided to the person (basic demographic and biometric information).

How and where should you enroll for an Aadhaar card?
One desirous of enrolling should visit nearest government authorized enrollment center with proof of identity and address proof. You can download the enrollment form link below.

The list of documents valid as proofs (identity and address) can be found here.

After due submission of form and required documents suitable biometric information is captured and recorded and your request for enrollment is generated.

See the link below to find an enrollment center near you.

Enrollment to Aadhar is free of cost, however for updating information minimal charges are levied. The table below gives a breakup of the charges.

There are increasing instances of Aadhaar being used to facilitate financial transactions:

  • Aadhaar is a tool of distributive justice and equality providing subsidies and benefits based on UID number, preventing abuse of such services and ensuring transparency, saving government a huge amount by eliminating duplicates and providing good governance.
  •  It is allowing targeted delivery of money, preventing subsidy leakages especially in public distribution schemes like MGNREGS.
  •  It is also paving road for financial inclusion of especially technologically marginalized section of society through Aadhaar enabled payment system (AEPS).
  • It is providing a tool for residents for verification of identity whether it is for passport, bank account, driving license located anywhere in India.
  • With the present digital India push the government is trying to attach Aadhaar number with different services with aim to speed up verification and identify the person and develop a central database.
  • Aadhaar based digilockers have been launched for issuance and storage of documents in an e format for easy verification of documents and establishment of identity reducing paper work and speeding up processes for issuance of licenses, passport, and for any other such purpose.
  • Aadhaar based authentication had been tried on a pilot basis by some banks at their ATMs, to enable card less financial transactions. DCB Bank has already put it on place at many of its ATMs.
  • Introduction of Aadhaar based biometric attendance in government offices has ensured not only digitalization of records but has also improved efficiency.
  • Aadhaar based microfinance disbursement is ensuring that those eligible receive the benefit at the same time preventing duplication. This service has been first used by RBL bank.
  • Government has made Aadhaar mandatory to book Train tickets from next fiscal year for senior citizens in order to avail senior citizen discount.
  • Recently Haryana has made Aadhaar mandatory for students of 10th and 12th standards. This will ensure identification of candidates and will prevent impersonation. A day is not far when all the other states will follow suite and this would be mandatory even fit entrance examinations public or private, for education or for job.
  • Aadhaar seeding is mandatory to receive gas subsidy.

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