Why should you invest in yourself?

Hello friends I am writing this blog after almost a month as I was not well. When I was not writing I was thinking and thinking deep, wondering where to park money so that it grows leaps and bounds. I had my 'epiphany' moment when I realized that amidst all the 'ho halla' about managing money how easily we fail to realize one simple thing, that we ourselves are one of the best investment that will ensure a steady flow of returns in future. Now you must be wondering what I mean by that. 
It simply means if we strive to be our better selves each day than what we were yesterday, we are investing in ourselves. It means upgrading one's skills, learning a new hobby, taking a new completely unrelated subject helping unlocking our mind and widening the horizon, it means learning a new word, a new task, learning to relax, to make people around us happy. It means to understand our shortcomings and work towards overcoming them. All this may sound like too much of work but as someone wise has said many drops coming together make an ocean. The thing is we have to start collecting those drops. If we aim for the stars we may at least get stardust. 
Life is short and while it's important to ensure financial security, it is also meant to live. So be prudent secure and enrich yourself and those around you.

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